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02/21/19 5-Star Yelp Review

Since I live in Houston, I felt pretty vulnerable trying to make my daughter's birthday special from afar; however, Bonnie rewarded my trust. Just as she described using photos she sent of other creations, she delivered the cutest original bouquet of a llama to my daughter on DBU's campus. Using a screenshot from campus buildings and my daughter's cell phone #, she tracked her down, delivered the surprise, and without even being asked sent me a photo of her reaction. I couldn't have asked for better service. BUT again, without being asked, she sent me a greeting card with the photo of my daughter holding the bouquet! I will definately keep the number of this vendor!!

Cristal S

Conroe, TX

2/11/2018 5-Star Google Review

Bonnie is fantastic and a life saver!  I can't thank her enough for going above and beyond!!!  Highly recommended!  

Nancy Berry

Mainville, OH

06/16/2017 5-Star Google Review

Great experience!!! I ordered a balloon arrangement for my 7 year old birthday boy and it was great, way better than I expected it to be and it was delivered in a timely manner.  Totally recommend!

Sofia Hermosillo Sada

Dallas, TX

05/22/2017 5-Star Google Review

We loved the decorations made for our event.  Thank you so much Bonnie!

Sadhana Saini

McKinney, TX

2/11/17 Email

Bonnie, I can not thank you enough!!! You went so far and above and beyond what we expected! You truly did an amazing job! Can I get on your calendar for May 3rd? My other daughter turns 13. You are the best! Could I have some of your cards? I will tell everyone I know and I will post this on Facebook later tonight. Thank you again for helping make my sweet Cormick's 16th birthday so special!

Kiersten from Dallas, TX


9/21/16 5 Star Yelp Review

I don't do reviews.., but sometimes you have to allow great customer service be known. I called the Gift shop at a local hospital and they could not accept phone orders due to new rules from their administration. I really wanted to send a nice get well surprise to my cousin after her surgery. Since she really loves balloons I searched for nearby florists thinking they could assist but I found them all to be out of my budget- not to mention I wouldn't be getting what I called for. I came across Balloons and Beyond and not only did she answer on the first ring, this lady asked me the questions and gave me all the right answers. The price was good but the service was better. Order was quick and I could hear the smile in her voice. Wow., great customer service goes a long way. I recommend them 100%.

Y. Marshall

Benham Springs, LA

Bonnie, I thought you might want to see the note I received after you delivered that adorable bear:


The jumbo pink balloon bear was a hit!  I asked the hospital nurse if she had seen one of those before and she said she hadn't.  It certainly brings a smile to everyone's face.  Thanks for ordering it.


Beth - Dallas, TX

On 2/24/16 a Square user wrote:

Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality                                                                                                                                                                                     

"A very pleasant experience - thanks so much!"

Susan A

Dallas, TX

09/28/15 email from Pat R of The Colony, TX

Dear Bonnie,

I wanted 2 thank U 4 everything that u and your team did 2 make the party a roaring success! U certainly delivered a festive & beautiful atmosphere for Kris.  She loved it. The last minute balloon arch for the back yard was great!  Everything was perfect & everyone was blown away with ur work. Thank you so much.  U r a wonderful Lady.

God Bless & thank you.

Pat and Rob


05/22/2014 5 Star Yelp Review


Drake M.Drake M. Auburn, AL 

  • 5/22/2014

    I was looking for a local shop to send my friend some balloons to cheer her up. Being from Alabama, I had a task cut out for me. I was lucky to find this AWESOME mom-n-pop balloon shop. They asked what I had in mind and helped me pick out what to send based on mu budget and wants. They also delivered after normal closing times, which is cool since I sent them to a nurse in the middle of an 11AM-11PM shift. However, that could have been due to Dallas traffic. Bottom line, if I send balloons again, they will come from Balloons and Beyond.



Review on Yelp

5.0 star rating


Wow! If you're looking for specialty balloons, Balloons and Beyond is the place to go. Our California family was searching for the perfect congrats balloon bouquet for our nephew who just committed to play football at the University of Texas. We found this web site on line and boy did we luck out. We wanted something special that would include Longhorn balloons. Bonnie, the owner, went on a search and destroy mission through ice and snow to locate those balloons. She put together a fabulous balloon bouquet unlike any we had ever seen. And, if that wasn't enough, she actually made a copy of the newspaper article that announced our nephew's decision to attend UT. She then laminated the article and delivered it with the balloons. Unbelievable! They say that everything is "Bigger and Better" in Texas and this great balloon store exemplifies that motto. Thank you Balloons and Beyond! You're the best!

Cindy B

Vista, CA

04/13/2014 5 Star Yelp Review 

4/13/2014 Yelp Review from Sam P, Windsor, IL:
Wow! this place is AWESOME. My granddaughters 4th birthday was Feb 4th & she and her parents had just moved back to Arlington from Illinois. My granddaughter loves the minions &I thought it would be cool if I could find her a minion balloon for her birthday. I thought of this around noon that day (last minute I know). I was at work with no internet, so I text my brother who has a smart phone &asked if he would look on the internet to find someplace in Arlington that could deliver some balloons for us. Well we ran into roadblock after roadblock. My brother knew this was important to me & my husband so he didn't give up. At about 3-3:30 in the afternoon he found this place & so I called, Bonnie was great! She did not have a minion balloon & didn't even know what they really looked like. She said she would look at pictures & call me back & she said it was NOT too late to deliver same day. She called me back about an hour later & said she talked to her supplier & he had a minion balloon, but she had to get going so she could drive across town to get it. She texted me when she was on her way to deliver the arrangement of balloons (at 7:00 pm). My stepdaughter skyped us when Bonnie got there so we could see the reaction & it was more than we could have ever imagined. The arrangement had several minion balloons, some Bonnie even made. The big 1 Emma named Dave. We will definatly use Balloons and Beyond again. You just can't find service like that much anymore! Thank you Bonnie!



 02/11/2014 Google Review

I found Balloons and Beyond during a Google search for ‘balloon bouquets’. What I found is an amazing display of quality artistic balloon designs and very reasonable prices. I’ll never order from anyone else and that’s a fact.

Terry G in Carrollton, TX



01/31/2014 Email 

01/31/2014 email from Tevian P, Dallas, TX:
Ms. Sims,
He and his mother phoned earlier. Everyone thought the nurse was fantastic! They asked about the baseball and how you kNEW Zachary was into baseball.... You did a great job!



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